About the Cosmic Companion

The Cosmic Companion at Kitt Peak
The Cosmic Companion, James Maynard, at Kitt Peak Observatory. Photo by Nicole Hennig.

The Cosmic Companion, James Maynard, grew up around the space program, as his father designed electronic components for the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. Maynard spent devouring books about astronomy and other sciences, especially by Carl Sagan and Issac Asimov.

Later majoring in chemistry and physics, he began teaching the astronomy study sessions at Keene State College in New Hampshire. Here, he fine-tuned his natural ability to explain complex subjects in an effective manner to educate and inform the curious layperson.

In 2009, he was named as a professional member of The Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics (MICA), modeling complex gravitational interactions using the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality. A virtual science center designed by Maynard was featured on CNN.com.

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James Maynard has taught science to students ranging in age from second grade to college, in private lessons and public institutions. For three years, he produced Starwatch, a weekly newspaper column on astronomy, later followed by several years of writing for dozens of websites, including iTechPost and TechTimes. His articles were frequently featured on Google News, and other respected news outlets.

His first book, The Light of Alexandria, explored the first 1,000 years of science in Greece, Rome, and Egypt from 625 BCE to 415 CE.

Today, Maynard is developing an integrated series of  ebooks, online lessons and news stories designed to bring in-depth learning of astronomy to the masses.