Jokes About Astronomy

Here are some of the funniest jokes anywhere about astronomy. Try these out around your dinner table, with friends, or around the observatory, and you will be a star!


Jokes About the Moon

Q: Why is the Moon hungry so often?

A: Because it’s only full once a month.

Q: What do you call a crazy bug on the Moon that gives people Lyme disease?

A: A luna-tick.

Did you hear about the restaurant on the Moon? The food is good, but it lacks atmosphere.

The Moon is having some issues with life, but it’s probably just going through a phase.

The Man on the Moon doesn’t actually style his own hair, but eclipse it.


Jokes about Astrophysics

Q: What do astrophysicists talk about in their free time?

A: Dark matters.

Copernicus once spent all night wondering how the sun seems to rise every morning. Then, it dawned on him.

I’m reading a great book about anti-gravity. I just can’t put it down.

I thought of a joke about bending space-time, but it was too warped.

Astrophysicists finally developed a new theory about the fourth dimension. And it’s about time, too!


Jokes About Planets

Q: Why did only seven of the eight planets sing in a chorus?

A: One of them is Nep-tune deaf.

Q: What did Venus say to Saturn?

A: Give me a ring sometime!

Q: What is the Red Planet’s favorite type of chocolate?

A: A Mars bar!

The planet Saturn could, theoretically, float in a bathtub full of water. But, it would leave a heck of a ring behind.

The Juno spacecraft finally figured out what’s in the middle of Jupiter. It’s the letter “i.”


Jokes about Asteroids

Q: How does the Solar System keep its pants up?

A: With an asteroid belt!

Q: Why do space rocks taste better than Earth rocks?

A: Because they are a little meteor!


Jokes About the Sun

Q: Why isn’t the Sun still in college?

A: Are you kidding? It already has about 15 million degrees!

Q: Why did the Sun get straight A’s in college?

A: Because it was so bright!


Jokes About Stars

Q: Why did the star suddenly leave the galaxy?

A: He needed some space.

Only one star didn’t laugh at my jokes. I think it was too Sirius.


Jokes About Black Holes

Q: Where are black holes most commonly found?

A: In black socks.

Q: What’s wrong with the gravity around black holes?

A: Nothing in particular, it just sucks.


Jokes About The International Space Station (ISS)

Q: How could babies aboard the ISS be lulled to sleep?

A: Just rocket.

Q: What sort of plates do astronauts aboard the ISS use to serve their food?

A: Flying saucers!


Astronaut Humor

Q: When is the midday meal served at Cape Canaveral?

A: At launch time!

Q: What do astronomers like to chew?

A: Hubble gum

Q: Why did the astronaut get a parking ticket?

A: She ran out of money in her meteor.

Two astronauts on the Moon got into an argument. But, don’t worry, one of them Apollo-gised.

Holiday parties during the early days of NASA were filled with kissing under the missile-toe.


Jokes About Amateur Astronomy

Q: What’s the most important part of hosting a star party?

A: You have to planet right!


I hope you thought these astronomy jokes were out of this world! Do you have other jokes you love about astronomy? Share them below!



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