Journalists Writing for The Cosmic Companion

Meet the team of journalists working for The Cosmic Companion. Every member of our small, but close-knit team has a love of astronomy and writing, and a passion to deliver news about space to anyone and everyone interested in the Universe surrounding us all.


The Cosmic Companion at Kitt Peak
The Cosmic Companion, James Maynard, at Kitt Peak Observatory. Photo by Nicole Hennig.

James Maynard – Editor, journalist,  and founder: James Maynard grew up around the space program, and has several years of teaching experience, from second grade to college. He has six years experience writing science news, and has worked for newspapers, online sources, and television.









Takshak Dawda
Takshak Dawda, journalist working for The Cosmic Companion.

Takshak Dawda – Journalist: Takshak Dawda has been a writer for over five years now and a self-declared astronomer since childhood. He has always been fascinated with space science, and to gain more knowledge, he reads innumerable books and watches videos on the subject In his free time, he helps astronomy students with assignments and projects.